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Outatime! is an Orlando-based, pop punk collective consisting of Michael Forbes (vocals), Nikk Serrano (bass/vocals), Tony Alicea (drums), and Justin Robertson (guitar). The band boasts a distinct skate punk inclination, drawing on thrashing instrumentals and catchy, relatable lyrics to create a signature sound that’s earned them apt comparisons to New Found Glory and Saves The Day.

Formed in 2015, Outatime! first emerged in the alternative music scene with their debut track, “Can You Not?” the following year. The group has since gained notable traction within the community, going on to perform alongside the likes of Bayside, Neck Deep, Belmont, Calling All Captains, We Were Sharks and Meet Me @ The Altar. They’ve also been featured on the ‘Bar Down Breakdown’ (ep. 69) and the 2020 lineup for Hope Fest.
Backed by a growing collection of singles, the band dropped their first EP, ‘Mindset,’ in February of 2020. The compilation featured three previously-released songs, including fan-favorite, “Autumn Eyes,” as well as four new, high-energy tracks. They rounded out the second half of the year with a new single, “Husky Fight,” as well as a cover of Machine Gun Kelly’s hit, “Forget Me Too.”

The band is currently working on their first full-length record, ‘No Boundaries,’ which is anticipated for release in 2021. The album dives full force into emotional thematics, spurred in part by the events of 2020 and addressing the concepts of anxiety, familial challenges, and seemingly everything in between.

Outatime! expresses profound appreciation for the friends, family, and fans who have supported them through their continued ventures.
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